Why Choose Us for Pet Euthanasia?

Here at Peaceful Pet Passing, your pet’s quality of life is our main priority. That is why we are committed to guiding you in choosing the best decision for your beloved pet. We believe that it is important to prioritize the welfare of your cherished friend. With our in-home/yard pet euthanasia services, you can rest assured that you have granted your pet the peaceful passing they deserve.



"Suffering from advanced kidney disease and a tumor on his spleen, our dog, Barley, became too sick and had to be put down.  We called Peaceful Pet Passing and Dr. Bob and his wife came to our home to guide Barley to the Rainbow Bridge.  While it is hard to say goodbye to a friend, the entire process was made a little easier by Dr. Bob and Anna, and Barley left us in the most peaceful way possible.  I can highly recommend Peaceful Pet Passing."

"Wonderful owner!  Very kind & patient."

"Bob and Anna helped us hand over our little "Lovie" into the waiting hands of doggie heaven.  It is so painful to surrender our fur babies, but to know they passed in their loving home makes it a little easier.  Bob and Anna were great."

"Our sweet 12 year old Golden, Russell is now resting peacefully in doggie heaven.  Dr. Bob and Anna came to our home this morning in Trilogy to help release Russell free of pain & now chasing squirrels for fun and eating whatever he wants.  Dr. Bob is so compassionate, respectful and helped us through this very difficult decision.  For my husband, Russ and myself it was so comforting to say our goodbyes in our own home and stress free for our Russell boy.  Many thanks to Dr. Bob & Anna.  You both helped us more than you'll ever know."

"Dr. Linett and his wife Anna came today to help little Bubba to the bridge.  They were so kind, compassionate, and caring.  They did not rush us and spent an hour and a half here with us.  They were very professional and Bubba's passing was so peaceful.  It was so much better than taking them to the vet office which most of them hate.  Consider using Dr. Linett if you happen to be in this unfortunate situation.  Thank you so much Bob and Anna."

" 'Lord' was my first K9 partner; we lived, worked and played together for over 12 years.  I loved him dearly, and I know he loved me in return.  He was fiercely loyal and was happiest in the back of a patrol car, making sure everyone close by knew he was there and protecting who needed protecting.  Even after he retired, he continued to love his car rides - it made no difference to him if it was his patrol car or the back of my Honda.  We were able to give him one last car ride in the back of a patrol car; he couldn't stand up in the back anymore, but he certainly barked at everything and everyone he could hear and smell.  After that final ride, Dr. Bob met us at our home, where Lord remained in his favorite place, in the back of 'his' car in our driveway.  I was able to snuggle up next to him as he fell asleep.  He was so peaceful and went so quietly - quite the contradiction to his usual behavior in a car.  I knew he felt no pain, and he knew I was beside him.  In his final moments, I protected him as he had protected me for so long - we were each other's 'peace'.  I love you my dear friend and protector; I will forever have you in my heart.  THANK YOU, Dr. Bob, for giving me this blessed way to say 'so long for now' to my dear, sweet Lord."

Contact Us for Pet In-Home/Yard Euthanasia & Transport For Cremation Services

Letting go of your pet can be quite difficult. Count on Peaceful Pet Passing for compassionate, reliable support as you face this difficult stage of your loving pet’s life. Feel free to reach out to us today to learn more about the in-home/yard euthanasia services we provide. Our licensed veterinarians and customer support personnel will provide the information you need.