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About Our Pet In-Home Euthanasia Service

Peaceful Pet Passing is an established company that offers in-home euthanasia for ill and aging pets. We are home to experienced, licensed veterinarians, Dr. Bob Linett & his daughter, Dr. Sherry Linett, who are well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise for ensuring the peaceful passing of your loving pet. With our collective experience of more than 52 years, we are committed to delivering in-home/yard pet euthanasia services and cremation services that exceed expectations.
We also offer pick up and cremation services for pets that have previously passed at home without our assistance, depending upon our availability and your location.

Learn More About Pet Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to your pet when their quality of life is deteriorating is the most merciful decision you can make as a pet owner. Our resident veterinarians are here to help you go through that decision. Should you want to learn more about the array of pet end-of-life services we offer, call or email us using the contact details featured on this website.
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